Soundscapes of

de Vries van Heystplantsoen park
Interactive studio - Hyperbody 





Delft, The Netherlands



Felipe Aldana

Ioli Plastira

Jan Top



Christian Friedrich

Tomasz Jaskiewic



Kas Oosterhuis








To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


“Experience is the crystallization in a field of raw sensations - aromas, colours, textures, fears; which are held together by habit.”Manuel De Landa


Soundscapes explores the possibility of urban noise to be an experience rather than an issue to resolve. Through parametrically developed form and operable panels responsive to real-time sound frequencies, the audiable environment is accentuated along 8 Points on the existing park trail.


The project attempts to increase site usage and user permanence, challenging the established notions of the ‘quiet park’; instead accepting its urban location 









by making quiet spaces more comfortable and social spaces more stimulating to the senses.


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