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Felipe Aldana

Alise Jekabsone

Rodelle Lee

Helen Hiu Ning Tai



Daliana Suryiwanata

Yeekee Ku


Winy Maas


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What if we run out of space to build? What if a cubic meter of space became more valuable than one of gold? 


ShareCity attempts to take this austere and extreme idea as a siteless exercise on dwelling, working, entertainment and education for one million people.


Right now, in our current situation you sit at your desk while your bed remains at home , unused; you are virtually in two spaces (at least) at the same time, this is unacceptable in a space deprived scenario.


Synchronization of activity time schedules and transportation allows for space to be effectively reduced when we are all transient , free from possessions and engaged with technology.







right now you are virtually in two spaces (at least) at the same time; this is unacceptable in a space deprived scenario.