The Why Factory/ MVRDV


Group research on architectural and urban simulations in a copy/paste culture.


Book launched during Dutch Design Week 2017




Felix Madrazo, Bas Kalmeijer, Winy Maas.











'Capacities of Zuidas'

B Nieuws TU Delft


Graduation project featured on the October issue. TU Delft school of architecture periodical. 



Felipe Aldana, Paul Kuitenbrouwer.








B Nieuws October 2013
B Nieuws October 2013
B Nieuws October 2013
B Nieuws October 2013

Available for purchase through NAi  here

'Responsive Dwelling'

Research TU Delft Dwelling


Group research on flexible dwelling as a self-contained entity and it’s relationship to the larger scale of the city. 



Felipe Aldana, Tetta Huizinga, Dominika Linowska.








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'FinEst Ronda'

Travel Documentation 2012



Excursions with Alvar Aalto - A walking tour documentation of Aalto’s projects in

Helsinki, Finland and a study on the soviet masterplan of Õismäe in Tallinn,Estonia.







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