Plaça d'Europa - Pedestrians only
Extramuros FIU summer program





Barcelona, Spain



Felipe Aldana

Chris Felegie


Armando Montilla
Bea Goller










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The project attempts to create a third level of movement in the area, the bottom high speed level being Gran Via, above the medium vehicular speed of streets in the Viaplana masterplan and third a proposed pedestrian only overlay.


The elevated path operates a pedestrian speed with resting/sitting areas along the walkway, the central plaza is highlighted as a resting / more permanent area in a landscape contour type of sitting connecting the ground to the walkway, breaking the strict geometry of the masterplan, but acknowledging it's  importance as a central point.


The walkway changes elevation, integrating the plynth of the Toyo Ito building while connecting different points of the masterplan and the northern neighborhood into the system.


Located 2,5 kilometers east from Cerda grid,the developing area of Plaza de Europa in Hospitalet de Llobregat, relayed on a new master plan to accommodate business and services. This plan was commissioned to architect Alberto Viaplana, who designed a radial arrangement of buildings around a central plaza which sits above Gran via, the main vehicular connection between El Prat de Llobregat airport and the center of Barcelona.


Despite the elegance of the plan, a top-down approach, which unlike the Cerda plan, presents a poor pedestrian engagement at the street level. Furthermore the new program is centered around the plaza with little consideration to the adjacent Santa Eulalia neighborhood.