Madame X and Artist Housing
Permanent and Temporal Housing - D6 FIU





Miami Beach, Florida



Erica Nelles









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The project homes a Home owner 'Madame X' and temporary artisit residents in separate units. The distribution of the galleries/sleeping units are in such a way that views are contained within the site, bouncing from art to artist to visitor- where art is generally visible but not necessarily accessible.

Lincoln Road is a main pedestrian axis in Miami Beach. Rich with commercial activity, pedestrians are confined within buildings used as display of merchandise for all tastes.


What is interesting about the concept of display, it's how much of a relative idea it is- an object is consciouly place to call attention for commercial or cultural purposes, but equally powerful is an object that attracts unpurposefuly. In both cases approaching the object and if possible interacting with it can satisfy curiosity.