Automobile Museum +
Cultural and social program - D7 FIU





Miami, Florida



Armando Montilla









Eventually the automobile as we know it will be confined to the pages of history. The Automobile Museum is a historical celebration of the automobile as symbol of mobility, freedom and technical skills; it is a moment of contemplation for an object, not a function.

The vehicle transformed the way we experience cities; our sense of perception and our sensorial interaction with the environment is closely related to the speed at which we travel, in the same fashion, the museum exhibitions can be experienced at different speeds, from the direct contact with the automobiles, to a faster, purely visual experience.


Responding to the existing infrastructure of the city, the museum extends directly onto the street, receiving visitors directly on Biscayne Boulevard, 


in a speculative scenario for future methods of street mobility. Inside, exhibitions are conceived as linear trajectories, wrapped around the site parallel to each other with very different perceptive results

Trajectories-as- exhibitions were developed based on the linear timeline and quantitative comparative nature of the automobile, ultimately resulting in a metaphor for the traffic condition of Miami – a line of cars going nowhere.


Part of the requirement of this studio, was the development of the museum as a cultural center, and the site across Biscayne Boulevard as a social contributor. The project applied to initial theme of the automobile, providing a center for vehicle donation and reconstruction; anyone applying to receive a donor vehicle should undertake driving education as a requirement. 

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